Flooded Again

We were flooded again! On Aug 26 we had more rain which flooded our area.


Luckily our house was fine. I am just having to work from home again since our freeways are all very slow. Hope that this summer is going to dry up a bit. The great lakes are already almost two feet higher than average.

My co-worker just barely made it out of the storm from an interview. He said that the rain started slamming the building he was in and they ended the interview early. He said he was disappointed because he wasn’t able to make use of the interview tips that I forwarded to him
http://www.artofinterviews.com/phone-interview-tips/¬†from the dude I met up north the week before. Oh well, can’t have it all!



Weekend Away

This past weekend my wife and I took a vacation up in Tawas. Man this weather in Michigan has been strange lately. It was 60 degrees the entire time, and Lake Huron has risen a good 16 inches since last year!

We went down to the Tawas Point and did a little kiteboarding after one of the storms. Love Michigan, wish we had better weather!

On Sunday, we stopped by pronto pups on our way out and had some great corn dogs. We also ran into the guy who runs ArtOfInterviews.com. I met him a little over a year ago at a conference he was holding. He was passing out a pamphlet filled with phone interview tips. Here is a link to where he has published them on line.  Shoutout to him and his great site!

Check out the pronto pups shack. :)

pronto pups

Horray I Lived Through The Storm


Earlier this week my home town was rocked with some 5 inches of rain in a day. (Metro Detroit Area)

The flooding was massive! I just nearly made it out from the mess as I left work a little early that day. There was flooding nearly 4 feet deep a quarter mile from where I park my car at work. Crazy eh?

Here is a picture of the road that I take home every day.

flood at work

Flood from the way home from work